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vanilla, new york, dreamteam, my friends, blackbear, plants, academia, plushies
edgy/problematic stans, people who bring excessive nsfw to the tl, spiders, figs

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please don't follow me if

-13- / 20+
-you don't fit basic criteria: not homophobic, transphobic, racist ect ect
-bring discourse about he/him lesbians to the tl
-you get annoyed by lots of tweets(i livetweet all streams haha)
-think it's ok to use slurs u can't reclaim
-you don't like jokes abt homophobia/get triggered by the word "dyke" bc i do/use both
-post about guns/gun noises/dont tw guns/post firework vids

friendly tips
-you can find what i look like in my "moments" under the one titled "me
-my dms are always open, but it may take me a day or two to respond
-all dnf jokes are /j unless i say otherwise
-i am a minor! keep this in mind when you interact with me <3
-use tone indicators with me :]

how many days i've been stanning

    i'm very shy, and even though i have a group of tight knit friends i love, i like to be alone but sometimes it gets hard and for the longest time george and dream have been there to fill that silence up :( they distract me from a lot of the bad in my life and i am so grateful i can be able to watch their videos and feel happy. idk, i don't wanna be too sap(nap) but i love users: @georgenotfound and @dreamwastaken <33

    ok so i have a lot of notices and this is such a stupid problem but i'm genuinely too lazy to go thru all of them and try and put them on this carrd and i tried but its too hard so here: HERE ARE my notices

    ultssemi-ultscasualall non mcyts
    georgenotfound ♡technoblade fundy sideways
    dream griannihachudanny gonzalez
    sapnaptubbo minxschaffrillas productions